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Malone Auto Racks

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Thank you for your interest in a Malone trailer accessory!
For additional trailer specifications and our accessory fit guide please visit Trailer Support.

  SKU Product Our Price
MPG4001 and 6050 78" MicroSport™ HD 1.25" Galvanized Cross Bars PLEASE CALL
MPG467 Kick Stand for Trailer Tongue PLEASE CALL
MPG561 Large Kayak Bunk Kit for Malone Trailers PLEASE CALL
MPG481 Storage Trunk PLEASE CALL
MPG2100 Curved Tray Style Bike Rack For Trailers - 65" PLEASE CALL
MPG475 Cross Bar Conversion Kit PLEASE CALL
MPG488 Fiberglass Safety Pole for Trailers PLEASE CALL
MPG493 TopTier™ Utility Trailer Cross Bar System PLEASE CALL
MPG542 Flood Light w/ Magnetic Mount PLEASE CALL
MPG543 Electrical Charging Station PLEASE CALL
MPG544 Double Hitch Receiver PLEASE CALL
MPG551 Safety Flag w/ grommet PLEASE CALL
MPG908 HitchLock™ Anti-Wobble System PLEASE CALL
MPG538 Crank Assist Jack Stand PLEASE CALL