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Parts - MicroSport

To find a part, navigate to the product's page and scroll to the Spare Parts tab. Select the Spare Parts link. Parts available for specific products will be shown. If you are unable to find a part or have further questions; email support.

  SKU Product Our Price
6147 12" Galvanized Tire and Wheel (MicroSport™), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
6144 12" Galvanized Tire and Wheel (MicroSport™), Single **no lock PLEASE CALL
6004 2" Coupler PLEASE CALL
MPG4001 and 6050 78" MicroSport™ HD 1.25" Galvanized Cross Bars PLEASE CALL
6055 Acorn Style Chrome Lug Nut (1/2"), Single PLEASE CALL
MPG471 Chrome Acorn Lug Nuts and SS Wheel Caps (for 2 wheels) PLEASE CALL
6392 Double Leaf Springs - LowMax™, MicroSport™ (MPG460-MPG595), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
6352 Galvanized Replacement Tongue, 2"x3"x90" (MPG460-MPG535), Single PLEASE CALL
MPG499 Hub Replacement Kit PLEASE CALL
6341 LED Plug & Play Light Kit, MicroSport™ HY0305KIT (MPG460), Single PLEASE CALL
MPG470 Lift Handle PLEASE CALL
6053 MicroSport™ LowBed™ Support Tubes (set of 2) PLEASE CALL
6057 Plastic Cap for SS Hub Cover, MicroSport™ (MPG460), Single PLEASE CALL
6006 Rubber Bumpers w/ Mounting Hardware, Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
MPG469 Single Aluminum Spoke Wheel (1 rim and tire) PLEASE CALL
MPG602 Single MicroSport™ Aluminum Fender PLEASE CALL
6204 Single MicroSport™ Galvanized Fender PLEASE CALL
6013 Spare Tire Lockable Bracket (MPG460-MPG525-MPG535-MPG585), Single PLEASE CALL
6056 SS Open End Hub Cover (No Plastic Cap) (3.195"), MicroSport™ (MPG460), Single PLEASE CALL