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Parts - Bike Racks

To find a part, navigate to the product's page and scroll to the Spare Parts tab. Select the Spare Parts link. Parts available for specific products will be shown. If you are unable to find the part required or have further questions; email support.

  SKU Product Our Price
9277 Locking Assembly With Keys (MPG2100-MPG2103 Curved Tray), Single PLEASE CALL
9200 Bike Tray End Caps (MPG2100-2103-2112-2115-2109), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9203 Fat Tire Wheel Cradle (MPG2100, MPG2103, MPG2109, MPG2110, MPG2112, MPG2114, MPG2115, MPG2116), Single PLEASE CALL
9264 50" Curved Tray (MPG2103), Single PLEASE CALL
9265 65" Curved Tray (MPG2100), Single PLEASE CALL
9204 Wheel Cradle Straps, 15" Long (MPG2100-2103-2112-2115-2109), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9205 Locking Knob with Keys (MPG2149), Single PLEASE CALL
9260 Carriage Bolt for Knobs, M8 x 70mm (MPG2149-2137), Single PLEASE CALL
9206 Non-Locking/Wheel Basket Knob (MPG2149), Single PLEASE CALL
9207 Bike Frame End Cap (MPG2109-2149-2112-2115), Single PLEASE CALL
9209 Hitch Bolt with Washers (MPG2130-2149), Single PLEASE CALL
9210 Rubber Strap, 9.5" (MPG2130-2139-2147), Set of 3 PLEASE CALL
9214 Strap with Hook, Black (MPG2139-2142), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9216 Rubber Strap (MPG2142-2148), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9217 Reflector End Caps, Round (MPG2130-2139-2147), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9219 Rubber Bumpers (MPG2139-2142), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9220 Keys, (MPG2100-2103-2130-2139-2149), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9221 Keys, Cable Lock (MPG2109-2112-2115), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL
9222 Strap with Hook, Red Protective Padding (MPG2133-2142), Single PLEASE CALL
9223 Retaining Strap, Red, Single (MPG2124-2127-2130-2139-2142-2147-2148) PLEASE CALL
9224 Mast and Foot Pedal Knob (MPG2124 -2127), Single PLEASE CALL
9225 1.25-2" Hitch Adapter with Bolts & Nuts (MPG2124-2127), Single PLEASE CALL
9226 1.25 to 2" Hitch Adapter w/ M6 x 25mm Screw (MPG2109-2130-2149), Single PLEASE CALL
9227 Attachment Bolts, M10 (MPG2115), Set of 2 PLEASE CALL