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Roof Racks:

AirFlow2™ (Fixed Roof Rack) - Load capacity: 165 lb
SteelTop™ (Fixed Rood Rack) - Load capacity: 165 lb
VersaRail™ (Temporary Roof Rack) - Load capacity: 135 lb
HandiRack™ (Temporary Roof Rack) - Load capacity: 180 lb
Yes, both the SteelTop™ and the AirFlow™ series of racks are supplied with tower locking systems.
Yes, replacement locks and keys can be found under Replacement Parts.

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SteelTop™ (MPG201-202-203)
Yes! Gusts of wind, going at any speed can cause lifting forces that may damage your carriers and or cross bars – if this happens, this is not your cross bars “failing”. Using Bow and Stern lines will protect your systems.
Only at your own risk, we instruct to remove the roof rack to prevent damage to the product and or the vehicle.
Below are dimensions and diagrams of each Malone cross bar system that we offer. Using this information, you can inquire through the company who produces your carriers as to whether your carriers are compatible and or if they supply accessories that will allow attachment.

Water Sport Carriers:

All of our carriers will mount universally to all of Malone’s crossbars, factory, and aftermarket bars. A common misconception is that every bar is meant to be captured by the rectangular slot on the bottom of all of our carriers. This slot is meant for square bars, any other bar - up to 4 ¼’’ wide - is meant to be captured by the full base of the carrier (*if needed, we have longer bolts on our website to accessorize with, up to 90mm long). Regardless of the shape of the bar – our carriers will attach securely and transport safely. Being universal our bases will not fit exactly to every profile of bar, however when your boat is loaded and the front and rear tie-downs are applied, the system will level itself out. Again, allowing for safe and secure transport.

If your vehicle is equipped with factory installed cross bars, utilize our Fit Guide to determine if longer bolts are needed to attach any Malone kayak or canoe carrier to your cross bars - Click here to view fit guide
All the time! Malone provides Bow and Stern lines in all Canoe and Kayak carrier that are meant to be used every time a boat is transported. By not using your Bow and Stern lines you void all Warranty on your Malone carriers. For additional Safety Tie-Down accessories: Click Here To View Safety Tie Downs
Malone carriers are provided with bolts ranging from 50mm to 70mm. Longer bolts are provided for purchase as an accessory up to 90mm. The lengths (every Malone carrier provides the consumer with two sets, of lengths of bolts for their carrier) of the bolts provided with each carrier specifically can be found within “FEATURES” on the product’s web page on Here is an example:

  • Fold-down frame for low clearance access
  • Boarding ramp for easy loading
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum construction
  • Oversize foam padding with replaceable acrylic fabric sleeves
  • 11' load straps and safety tie-downs
  • Jawz universal fit mounting hardware
  • 60mm and 70mm mounting bolts
  • Compatible with the MPG351-XL Telos Load Assist (Note: Available in Accessories)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Cargo Carriers

  • MPG901 Cargo12 Rooftop Box – 165lb
  • MPG902 Cargo 16 Rooftop Box – 165lb
  • MPG910 Profile 18S Rooftop Box – 165lbs
  • MPG911 Profile 18B Rooftop Box – 165lbs
MPG901 Cargo12 Rooftop Box
  • Volume: 12.0 cf
  • Length: 55.1"
  • Width: 31.5"
  • Height: 17.3"
MPG902 Cargo 16 Rooftop Box
  • Volume: 16.25 cf
  • Length: 76.4"
  • Width: 27.9"
  • Height: 18.9"
MPG910 Profile 18S Rooftop Box
  • Volume: 18 cf
  • Length: 78.75"
  • Width: 32.3"
  • Height: 15.75"
MPG911 Profile 18B Rooftop Box
  • Volume: 18 cf
  • Length: 78.75"
  • Width: 32.3"
  • Height: 15.75"
A 2’’ hitch is required.

Click Here To View Hitch Based Cargo Systems

Bike Carriers:

Every Malone bike rack has a weight capacity of 33lbs, per bike – bike capacity is determined by model.


    The trailer VIN sticker can be located on the axle of our trailers. If you have any questions our support team can assist at

Storage Systems

Yes, we offer a full line of all FS Rack™ accessories sold here - FS Rack™ Options
Yes, we offer a full line of all FS Rack replacement parts here.
No, unfortunately the rack is not height adjustable. To maintain structural integrity we recommend for the rack to be fully assembled as shown in our instructions. The height is 83" and the frame comes with six independent frame leveler feet allowing level placement on uneven surfaces. These levelers give the frame about 1" of leveling adjustability. Adding the FS Rack™ Caster Wheel Kit will add about 3" of height to the frame for a total of 86".

See FS Rack™ Instructions
See FS Rack™ Caster Wheel Kit
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