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Malone J-Style carriers provide one of the most reliable and safest ways to carry your kayak. These systems are perfect for vehicles with limited rooftop space or when other rooftop gear needs to be transported.



DownLoader™ MPG114MD

Folding Kayak Carriers

The DownLoader is the keystone of our J-Style carrier line and features every possible option for low clearance needs; ease of loading; boat protection and universal fit requirements.

A simple pull on the Release Pins allow the carriers to rotate up for kayak transport or down for garage access. Adjustable foam padding with tough nylon sleeves protect the boat from scuffs and scratches.

The built-in boarding ramp simplifies the loading process and the Jawz mounting kit fits round, square and factory oval load bars.


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AutoLoader™ MPG106MD

Injection Molded Kayak Carriers

Developed here on the Coast of Maine to withstand our brutal cross winds and crippling salt water corrosion, this ground breaking design redefined the kayak transport industry.

Adding to the built-in strap slots, boarding ramps and synthetic rubber padding, these carriers offer the effect of gently flexing into the kayaks profile to achieve outstanding grip & hold performance.

Includes all straps, hardware & safety tie-downs for one kayak.


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J-Loader™ MPG118MD

Easy Load Steel Frame Kayak Carriers

A absolute great alternative to the MPG106MD when additional brute force strength developed by the all steel tubular frames are required.

Features injection molded nylon components, kayak boarding ramps and fully adjustable nylon covered padding.

These carriers include universal mounting hardware, 12' cam style load straps and 10' safety tie-downs.


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J-Pro2™ MPG117MD

Premium J-Style Kayak Carriers

The J-Pro2 covers all of the fundamental requirements needed for delivering a safe and confident transport for your kayak.

The all steel frames are triple layered (inside & outside) with a corrosion resistant coating and finished with a silver powder coated UV resistant paint.

Includes full size adjustable padding, universal fit kit and a lifetime warranty guaranteeing years of product satisfaction.


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J-Pro™ MPG116MD

Economy J-Style Kayak Carriers

The J-Pro is a rock solid carrier system that was created for the discerning customer who demands a high quality product but has a limited budget.

Features include corrosion resistant metal coating, adjustable padding, universal attachment hardware, cam buckle style load straps, safety tie-downs and a lifetime warranty.


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